Some Dusty
Some Dusty LP/LP
(SLR 281)
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Birdie's debut album, 1999's Some Dusty, is the culmination of a series of fortuitous events, set in motion in 1992 when members Debsey Wykes (Dolly Mixture) and Paul Kelly (East Village) were both members of Saint Etienne live band. Wykes and Kelly became fast friends and then a couple, bonding over their shared love for sunshine pop and soft rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s. They soon began spending hours together strategizing a new band, eventually forming Birdie in 1994, and releasing their "Spiral Staircase" 7" single in 1997 on legendary indie label, Summershine.

Some Dusty was recorded during the summer of 1998 with the estimable Brian O'Shaughnessy (Denim, Moose, The Clientele). Deep and beautiful, its melodic, understated yet sophisticated arrangements provide an ideal setting for Debsey's sweet and soulful soft-pop vocals. There's a quest for the perfect pop moment here, something Birdie realise effortlessly on each of the ten songs of Some Dusty. Often this perfection is etched into the song's details, from the gleaming chimes of "Port Sunlight," to the way the acoustic guitar, trumpet and keyboards thread together on "Let Her Go," to the gentle wah guitar that underpins "One Two Five." Add in gorgeous string arrangements from The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan and you have all the makings of a pop classic.

Birdie followed Some Dusty with a run of essential singles -- "Let Her Go," "Such A Sound," and "Sidewalk" -- culminating in the release of their second album, Triple Echo, in 2001. Family life and other artistic pursuits called, and Birdie has only been sporadically active since, gigging occasionally and releasing a few terrific singles and compilation tracks. Their small but perfectly formed discography has become the stuff of legend, charming savvy pop fans around the world with its timeless songcraft and flawless production. Summer 2024 will see the long overdue vinyl reissue of Some Dusty on US indie label Slumberland Records, making this classic available again, now in deluxe remastered form.

Tour Dates

  • Jul 24 - London, UK - SLR Showcase at The Lexington w/Lightheaded & Tony Molina


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