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Searching For The Now 6

various artists

Slumberland's popular Searching For The Now split single series continues to fire on all cylinders with this excellent UK pairing. On the a-side we find Welsh pop mavens The School, with a smashing cover of late Left Banke tune "And Suddenly." George Washington Brown creates pastoral, psychedelic power-pop, and his two songs on this split single are brand new and exclusive. Pressed on grey/black swirl vinyl.

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Blue Genes

The Champagne Socialists

Totally ace 60s-flavored girl group power pop from ex-members of The Royal We and Bricolage. Imagine Shadow Morton and Joe Meek hanging out at CBGBs and you're almost there.

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Love Is A Wave

Crystal Stilts

Their first new songs since the brilliant Alight of Night, and what a corker it is. An upbeat summer stomper that brings to mind such classics as "Tally Ho" and "Don't Slip Up." Limited edition white vinyl.

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Sisters Are Forever

Sexy Kids

Anthemic post-punk pop from members of the Royal We (RIP). Catchy, driving, addictive and just plain wonderful. THE single of 2008!

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I Lie Awake

Cause Co-Motion!

Brilliant crash-pop from one of our absolute favorite bands. Three songs bursting with spring reverb, energy, busted strings, rattle, boom and clatter. Fans of early 14 Iced Bears, TVPs and the poppier side of first-wave post-punk take note.

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Industrial Strength

Phil Wilson

June Brides leader Phil Wilson returns after a twenty year hiatus with the smashing four song EP comprising of covers of some of Phil's earliest experimental music influences: Kraftwerk, Faust, Throbbing Gristle and S/T. Working in a mesmerizing acoustic/folk mode, Phil digs down to the surprisingly melodic tune at the core of each of these songs, and re-imagines them in a totally unique way.

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Joe's Record


Brilliant post-punk pop that pays homage to the best of 80s UK DIY. Short, angular tunes that combine the brusque drive of Big Flame and Bogshed with the spiky melodicism of June Brides and Josef K.

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14 Iced Bears

Inside 7"

One track each from the first two 14 Iced Bears singles. Essential, timeless C86 pop full of noisy guitars and infectious enthusiasm.

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Open Your Eyes

Bright Coloured Lights

Post-Black Tambourine noisy pop from Pam and Mike finally given a proper release. Includes a nifty little Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes cover.

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Nord Express

Sharky 7"

Stripped-down melancholic pop with an understated grandeur. Still, quiet catharsis.

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Pink Noize

Beatnik Filmstars

Scrappy, edgy guitar chaos with a fair dose of twisted/repetitive songwriting by way of The Fall and Pavement.

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Til Another Time

Linda Smith

Intimate lo-fi folk/pop from this pioneer of the bedroom recording community. Strong songs should please fans of early Magnetic Fields.

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Our uncategorizable post-rock heroes, who somehow manage to blend Moonshake with early Cure and The Smiths. Essential.

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Something To Hold Onto

The Parasites

Brilliant sunny day punk-pop for fans of The Ramones, Mr T Experience and The Descendents. With a Leonard Cohen cover on the flip.

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Cool Chick #59

The Earthmen

Fabulous super-charged pop from this now-defunct Australian band. Great hooks and not afraid to rock out with them.

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Punk Rock City USA


Smashing, surging punk rock in the best Superchunk style. With a gorgeous Game Theory cover on the b-side.

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The Ropers

Their great first single, full of clanging guitars and swirling melodies in the best Byrds-meets-Ride tradition. Three glorious classics.

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