Turn U Over


Turn U Over

SLR 86 » released November 2008

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

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1. Turn U Over
2. Night Falls With Vertigo

Bricolage started playing live in some of Glasgow's seamier environs at the tail-end of 2005, perfecting their louche and stylish Postcard / Vic Godard-influenced uplifting pop over the early months of 2006. By the summer of 2006, the band had played live with an eclectic array of artists (including Fire Engines, Long Blondes, Sun Ra's Arkestra) and released their very well-received debut single, Footsteps, on esteemed Lanarkshire subversive pop label Creeping Bent.

2007 saw lots of touring, including dates with Franz Ferdinand, 1990s and Vic Godard & the Subway Sect, and the release of two more singles, Looting Takes the Waiting Out of Wanting and The Waltzers on Fantastic Plastic and Memphis Industries.

Turn U Over is taken from Bricolage's eponymous debut album to be released on Slumberland in February 2009. It's a fresh and brilliant slice of modern pop that simultaneously recalls the Sound of Young Scotland thrills of Orange Juice and a more classic strain of 70s power-pop. Bursting with catchy melodies and chunky guitars, it's a perfect taster for one of the great pop records of 2009. "Night Falls With Vertigo" here sees vinyl for the first time, and its glam-tinged rush marks this as no mere b-side. Quality timeless pop is the game here, and Bricolage are rapidly making a reputation for themselves as a band to keep your ears open for.


All copies come in stickered stock sleeve.

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