The Saturday People

The Saturday People

The Saturday People

SLR 67 » released November 2001

» $5.00
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1. No Matter Where You Are 9. California Girls
2. Find Out 10. Sound of Yesterday
3. Upside-Down Girl 11. Lullabye In The Rain
4. Grace (Kinky On Your Leg Mix) 12. Twilight Story
5. Working For The Weekend 13. The Man Without Qualities, Part II
6. That Settles That 14. The Castle
7. Slipping Through Your Fingertips 15. Ghost of A Chance
8. The Man Without Qualities, Part II  

Classic pop. Such a loaded term, conjuring visions of jangling 12-string guitars, angelic harmonies and timeless arrangements. Ask ten people to name a classic tune and you'll get ten different answers, all of them equally valid. And yet there are standards that all can agree on: The Beach Boys, The Byrds, early REM, The Zombies, The Kinks. The list could go on...

DC's The Saturday People know, understand and revere classic pop. And, of course, they also make it. Featuring an impeccable pedigree with members of Velocity Girl, The Ropers, Tree Fort Angst and The Castaway Stones, the People effortlessly combine 60s folk-pop and soft-rock with power-pop and 80s jangle-pop. That's a lot of references right there, but fans of such groups as Biff Bang Pow, Orange Juice, The Grass Roots and The Weather Prophets should feel right at home with the People's sweet sounds. The guitars clang and strum, the drums pop along and the stellar tunes put you in orbit. The song-writing is a particular high-point, fuelled by the complementary styles of co-front men Greg and Terry. The arrangements are full and effective, supplementing the standard band line-up with added percussion and piano. Bassist Archie's production talents are in full evidence - this record sounds magnificent. And, wrapped in a snazzy sleeve designed by Daisuke from Beigoku Ongaku, it looks pretty sharp too.

It's an all around triumph, really, and further proof that quality tunes are always in style and bands need not kow-tow to the latest trends to make relevant music. Eventually it all comes down to classic tunes, great playing and infectious enthusiasm, and The Saturday People have all of that in spades.

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