Because Because Because

Cause Co-Motion!

Because Because Because

SLR 93 » released May 2009

12" vinyl
» $8.00
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1. And You Wonder 4. Because Because Because
2. Is What You Say What You Mean? 5. Leave It All
3. It's Time! 6. You Lose

Hot on the heels of their critically-lauded singles compilation, It's Time!, Cause Co-Motion! have hit the studio to bring you their latest installment of earnest DIY pop, this time in the form of this fab six song 12" EP entitled Because Because Because. Over the last few years Cause Co-Motion! have made quite a name for themselves as purveyors of crash-pop of the finest quality, blending 60s garage-pop impulses with Messthetic-inflected post-punk and the scrappy end of the 80s indie scene, as exemplified by groups like Television Personalities, Beat Happening and The Pastels.

Because Because Because begins a new chapter in the Cause Co-Motion! story. Committed to tape in the course of a day spent with Gary Olson of the Ladybug Transistor at his Marlborough Farms studio, this EP balances the band's frenetic attack with a more open approach to arrangements and space. The songs are all top-drawer too, and we fully expect the driving "Leave It All" and the Buddy Holly-esque "You Lose" to take their places in the Cause Co-Motion! pantheon of future classics.

Fired by a love of classic pop and a punkish devotion to short songs, eager tempos and enthusiasm-over-technique, Cause Co-Motion! have busted out of their native Brooklyn to garner a world-wide fanbase and critical acclaim from such respected organs of music opinion as Pitchfork, Under The Radar, Spin, Skyscraper, Exclaim and of course countless blogs. Because Because Because is further proof of their mastery of exuberant, hooky garage pop, a ten minute blast of racket, reverb and energy that's as timeless as it is perfectly of-the-moment.


All copies come in really nice jacket: hand-painted with silkscreen overlay. Each one totally unique!

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