Searching For The Now 5

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Searching For The Now 5

SLR 94 » released August 2009

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1. Liechtenstein
This Must Be Heaven
2. The Faintest Ideas
You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning and Know What Side of The Bed You've Been Lying On
3. The Faintest Ideas
Procrastination of Every Day Tasks

Slumberland's popular Searching For The Now split single series returns with this excellent all-Swedish offering.

Liechtenstein - "This Must Be Heaven"

On the a-side we have a track from Gothenburg's Liechtenstein. Formed in 2005, Liechtenstein have developed a unique sound that marries the angularity of post-punk groups like The Mo-Dettes with the pop appeal of bands like Talulah Gosh and The Aislers Set. Following on from a series of well-received singles, Slumberland released Liechtenstein's debut album Survival Strategies In A Modern World in June to widespread acclaim. "This Must Be Heaven" is exclusive to this single and a superlative example of the ladies' love of upbeat, C86-style pop.

The Faintest Ideas - "You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning and Know What Side of The Bed You've Been Lying On" & "Procrastination of Every Day Tasks"

The b-side we find fellow Gothenburg band The Faintest Ideas, whose chaotic pop tunes have blazed a singular path through the indie world since their formation as The Javelins in 2003. Influenced by punk rock, caffeine and perhaps a lager or two, The Faintest Ideas haven't even a whiff of twee about them, their feedback-laced attack having more in common with The Wedding Present, Bright Lights and Boyracer than most indiepop bands. Over the course of numerous singles, eps and one album, The Faintest Ideas always surprised by finding fresh ways to combine the familiar elements of furiously played guitar, crashing drums and a well-constructed pop tune. The two songs on this single are otherwise unreleased and were recorded by Markus from Love Is All and Wyatt from The Aislers Set. They're an excellent postscript to The Faintest Ideas career, bursting with passion, melody and energy.


All copies pressed on super-cool swirly vinyl. Artwork by Naomi Donabedian.

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