The First 20 Years

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The First 20 Years

WISH 12 » released November 2009

formats » CD
status » out-of-print

1. Crystal Stilts
Thru The Floor (KCSB Radio Session)
12. Nord Express
Promise (Demo)
2. Black Tambourine
We Can't Be Friends (Lost Inner Ear Mix)
13. The Saturday People
3. Devon Williams
Right Direction (Demo)
14. Sarandon
Shadow Figure
4. Pants Yell!
When Your Friends Aren't Looking
15. Phil Wilson
I Own It (Acoustic Version)
5. The Ropers
Pretty Quiet
16. The Lodger
Getting Special (Original Version)
6. Magpies
17. Lilys
Dreams Never End
7. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
I Wanna Go All The Way (Demo)
18. Brown Recluse
8. Boyracer
North Yorkshire Coastline
19. Liechtenstein
Cravings (WFMU Radio Session)
9. Brilliant Colors
Over There (WNYU Radio Session)
20. Neverever
Teardrop Tattoo
10. Whorl
Not Me
21. Bye!
Your Body Is A Water Park
11. Summer Cats
22. Lorelei
Not The Answer

This CD was given away at the Slumberland Records 20th anniversary shows, and we've got a handful of extra copies to sell. Twenty-two tracks, a few rarities but almost all unreleased, including some crazy stuff like a Lilys New Order cover originally intended for a Slumberland covers comp tape, a raft of cool demos and all manner of ephemera.


Free CD given away at the Slumberland Records 20th anniversary shows.

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