Dansette Dansette

Tender Trap

Dansette Dansette

SLR 119 » released June 2010

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1. Dansette Dansette 6. Danger Overboard
2. Fireworks 7. 2 To The N
3. Do You Want A Boyfriend? 8. Counting The Hours
4. Suddenly 9. Grand National
5. Girls With Guns 10. Capital L

Tender Trap are now a proper girl-group! In contrast with earlier Tender Trap, which had a more electronic bent, the newly revitalized 'Trap has stronger links to the pop lineage of its founder members; Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey were in influential indiepop originals and John Peel favorites Talulah Gosh and Heavenly, who released records on such indiepop labels as Sarah Records, K and Stephen Pastel's 53rd and 3rd. Neither Talulah Gosh nor Heavenly (Amelia's previous bands) had this much vocal harmony going on. With two new members providing extra girl voices (from guitarist Elizabeth Morris of Allo Darlin' fame and drummer Katrina Dixon), the band now combines the harmonies, oohs, ahs and sha-la-las of classic girl-pop with the stripped down beats and dirty guitars of the Shop Assistants and The Vaselines.

Following releases on K, Matinée, Fortuna Pop! and Elefant, we're very excited to bring you Dansette Dansette, the band's excellent third album. Bristling with crunchy guitars and effortlessly catchy tunes, Dansette Dansette is ample proof of why Amelia and Rob's bands have been such a huge influence on today's generation of pop bands. "Dansette Dansette" kicks of the record in fine fashion, morse feedback bleeps leading into a melodic ode to the bedroom record player. Being the first single from the album, "Do You Want A Boyfriend?" is a perfect chunk of pop, but it's not as innocent as it seems - it celebrates the girl-pop phenomenon, but deconstructs it too. "Girls With Guns" and "2 To The N" are more punk-inspired, hearkening back to Amelia's Talulah Gosh roots. Slower tunes like "Suddenly" and "Counting The Hours" give plenty of room for Amelia's vocal interplay with Elizabeth and Katrina, and "Capital L" wraps up the album in epic fashion, a tambourine-driven slow-dance which builds to a glorious crescendo.

Fresh and full of melodic surprises, Dansette Dansette is a smashing and very welcome return for some of indie pop's most influential players, and shows Tender Trap to be absolutely at the top of their game.


Vinyl LP comes with a code for a free download.

A co-release with Fortuna Pop! in England; please support your local independent label.

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