All The Time

The Ropers

All The Time

SLR 50 » released September 1995

formats » LP/CD
status » out-of-print

1. Revolver 6. Chained
2. Flashlight 7. Blind
3. Rain 8. Spider Web
4. You Have A Light 9. Tried
5. Drive 10. Mystery Girl

After releasing 3 supremely classic 7" singles, 1995 saw The Ropers finally break out with their amazing, accomplished debut full length, All The Time. The first step in making sure that this record would be an event was signing on Crash/ Ultra Vivid Scene genius Kurt Ralske to do the engineering in his Zabriskie Point studio. Kurt's unparalled recording talents gave The Ropers a sense of depth and polish that had previously eluded them, and his attention to detail ensured that every moment of this album would be perfect.

All of this wouldn't have made a difference if the band had not also written their best batch of songs, and they rose to the challenge with this excellent set. The opener "Revolver" is still one of our favorite Slumberland moments, a swelling pop tune that for some reason reminds us of New Order covering Love, or something like that. Sublime. "You Have A Light" is another high point, charging ahead on it's Ride-like guitars into it's fantastic chorus. All The Time also exhibits a more sombre side of The Ropers, with mournful ballads like "Spider Web" and "Mystery Girl" slowing down the pace. And then there's "Drive" - a chunk of pure Spiritualized pleasure. A timeless album, full of timeless songs.

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