Go Sailor

Go Sailor

Go Sailor

SLR 144 » released June 2011

formats » LP
status » out-of-print

1. A Fine Day For Sailing 8. Don't Go
2. I'm Still Crying 9. Ray Of Sunshine
3. I Just Do 10. Together Forever In Love
4. Bigger Than The Ocean 11. Every Day
5. Long Distance 12. Silly
6. Windy 13. Last Year
7. Blue Sky 14. The Boy Who Sailed Around The World

Go Sailor were a great, short-lived band from the mid-90s who represent a key link in the US indie music chain. Featuring Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Gaze, Brave Irene), Linton (Henry's Dress, The Aislers Set) and Paul Curran (Crimpshrine), they released three great singles and a few compilation tracks, and then went their separate ways. But what records they are! Basic and lovely in their song-writing, they're perfect snapshots of where indie-pop was during that last burst of pre-internet indie activity. Touching on time-honored themes friendship and love (lost and found), they resonate with honesty and purity of intention.

While the themes might sound super-sensitive, the music is anything but garden-variety twee-pop. Rose's scrappy guitar was backed by Linton and Paul's sparkplug rhythm section, each song vibrating with enthusiasm and punk rock energy. Tunes like "I'm Still Crying," "Windy" and their ace cover of Nar's "Blue Sky" are as rambunctious and infectious as pop comes, showing the band's roots in the Bay Area punk scene. And the hits just keep on coming: "Ray of Sunshine" and "Long Distance" are total classics, while "Bigger Than The Ocean" slows the pace down for a couple's dance. Paul takes the lead on "The Boy Who Sailed Around The World," wrapping up this flawless record with one of the band's live favorites.

Go Sailor has reunited to play to enraptured crowds at the Slumberland 20th Anniversary shows, 2010's Athens Popfest, and most recently they were featured at the 2011 NYC Popfest this past May. This vinyl-only album compiles all three of their singles plus compilation tracks, mirroring (in slightly different order) a CD that remains available from Lookout!.


LP includes a code for a free download. The color vinyl edition is SOLD OUT.

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