Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart

Art Museums

Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart

SLR 137 » released June 2011

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

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1. Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart
2. Imaginary Day
3. You Don't Want to Live Like That

The Art Museums exploded onto the imaginary Pop Art scene in their minds back in 2010 with the widely acclaimed Rough Frame mini-LP on alleged elitist ex-Brooklyn label Woodsist. Here they trouble indie pop-classicist SLUMBERLAND label with three more concise tracks of rough jangle, cheap drum machines, joyously wrong harmonizing & neurotic romanticism. Comfortably occupying the spot where 60s pop suss meets first-wave post-punk DIY pop and contemporary bedroom experimentation, The Art Museums craft positively giddy tunes that make terms like lo-fi and indie-pop redundant and pointless; this is just great POP made by people who know and love it.

The Museums' Glenn D. & Josh A. have been at it in the bedroom for a little while now & came up with some anthems to send up the glory of pop. They are there for you when you're feeling confused, lonely or alienated & only a 45 RPM single can help. "Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart" is an ace sing-along tune that would be right at home on Dan Treacy's legendary Whaam! label, a succinct 1:30 of slashing, modish guitars and great vocal harmonies. "Imaginary Day" and "You Don't Want to Live Like That" are equally fab - catchy tunes filled with earnestly strummed guitars, thumping drum machines and cheap keyboards. Crucial, elemental pop thrills.

"Passing on their peers' experimental tendencies, the duo enthusiastically professes the lo-fi indie pop religion of heroes Television Personalities and legendary labels like Sarah, Slumberland, K, and Flying Nun." - Pitchfork


Sorry, the color vinyl edition is SOLD OUT.

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