WISH 17 » released August 2011

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1. Piglet
2. Expecting Joe
3. Crafty Fag

"Piglet" is the new digital-only single from Sarandon's Age Of Reason.

Musically Sarandon have moved their sound forward. Produced once again by the inimitable Anthony Chapman (Collapsed Lung, Bis, Klaxxons), the sound is a more mature take on the angular agit-pop of their previous outings. The cheese-wire treble of the guitars remains, the bass thuds and booms and the drums clatter at light speed, but the songs contained in Sarandon's Age Of Reason are more carefully crafted and arranged. "Piglet" is a perfect example of Sarandon, the 2011 version. Catchy as hell, and yes it's 'pop', but pop with a razor edge and a wicked sense of humor.

Also featured on this single are covers of two huge influences on Sarandon - The McTells' "Expecting Joe" and The Nightingales' classic "Crafty Fag." Sarandon know their music history and are great interpreters for these two cornerstones of DIY post-punk pop.

Sarandon are back with a vengeance. Back to rescue you all from the mundanity of modern la-la-love-you indie pop.


A co-release with Odd Box Records in Europe. Please support your local indie label.

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