A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness


A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness

SLR 40 » released January 1996

formats » LP/CD
status » out-of-print

1. I Love You Like The Way I Used To Do 5. I'm Lost Without You Here
2. Kisses Are Always Promises 6. Carrie Cooksey
3. Heather, Tell Me Why 7. We're Both Alone
4. Let's Go Away 8. Friendships and Love

Rocketship are one those rare groups who don't release a lot of records, but boy do they count when they do! Back when we released this album in January 1996, it had a huge impact on the international indie-pop scene. Their Hey, Hey Girl single on Bus Stop was a complete killer, and everybody was dying to see what would come next. Their two tracks on our Why Popstars Can't Dance compilation further upped the stakes - could their album possibly be as good as we would hope?

The answer was an emphatic "YES!" Dustin, Heidi, Verna and Jim outdid themselves on this gorgeous record, blending their patented swoony pop confections with spacey interludes and a judicious use of repetition. Every track is perfect little gem, sparkling in it's completeness. From the breathless rush of "I Love You Like The Way I Used To Do" to the sublime "Kisses Are Always Promises" to the ineffably sad "Friendships and Love," this amazing record continues to astonish with it's melodic invention, it's effortless mastery of the pop idiom. No pop fan should miss this one, and no collection is complete without it.

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