Black Saturday

Girls Names

Black Saturday

WISH 18 » released October 2011

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1. Black Saturday

Girls Names' Dead To Me was a great summation of two years of intense woodshedding and refining. Jumping off from the dark pop of the early/mid eighties shadow world of Black Tambourine, Felt and the Sound of Young Scotland, Girls Names crafted their own urgent take on a classic sound. Spiking their shadowy sound with wiry, scrabbling guitars and punchy, rolling rhythms, they showed that there are still plenty of new avenues to explore when it comes to pop.

They haven't stopped there, though, and are hard at work on their next album, to be released early next year. Everything we've heard so far is just brilliant, so we were eager to share one of the songs with you. Black Saturday is a great example of where the band is heading. The guitars are more subdued now, sharing sonic space with a gorgeously melodic bassline and subtle synths. Clearly in tune with contemporaries like Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing, Girls Names bring their own very distinctive song-writing vision to the forefront here.

And that's really the key with Girls Names — the tunes are all first-rate and mesh perfectly with the fine, understated production to create something quite memorable. We hope you'll be as excited as us to hear more.


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