Punk Rock City USA


Punk Rock City USA

SLR 21 » released April 1993

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1. Early Times 6. Fairyboat
2. Fry 7. Kunky
3. The Balance Song 8. Gingerbread House
4. Riff Test 9. On The Beach
5. Different Colored Letters 10. You And Your Danger

Sometime about a million tears ago (well, 20 years ago anyway), there was a thing called "love rock." Championing a youthful and naive approach to music, love rock bands like Beat Happening and Love Child created a sound that was both joyous and dark, celebrating the trials and challenges of adolescence. Sleepyhead was at the forefront, a skilled and thrilling band that was equal parts punk and pop, and not afraid to rock out in full-on Dinosaur Jr. mode to make its point.

Punk Rock City USA was their first album, a breathless rush of enthusiasm and quality song-writing that that jettisoned musical perfection for a type of emotional power not often heard in indie-pop anymore. Full of squalling guitars and tumbling drums, the songs on Punk Rock City USA take on the complications of young adulthood with verve and truthfulness. While the tunes rock hard, they are still tunes and will leave you humming the indelible melodies as you jump around the bedroom, yelling along, getting sweaty and revelling in teenage energy and angst.

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