Between The Moon And The Clouds

The June Brides

Between The Moon And The Clouds

WISH 19 » released June 2012

» $4.00

1. A January Moon 6. Every Conversation
2. Cloud 7. This Town
3. I Own It (Andy Fonda Beans remix) 8. Sunday To Saturday
4. What Time Can Do 9. A January Moon (home demo)
5. Flood of Fortune 10. A Choral Cloud

This CD is only available with copies of the Moon / Cloud 7" purchased direct from Occultation or Slumberland and features not just the two tracks from the vinyl edition for your digital convenience but also eight - yes, eight - pieces from Mr Wilson and co's vaults, plus the first time on CD (other than promos) for The Granite Shore's "Flood of Fortune," which features half of the current June Brides line-up. Details and Mr Wilson's notes below.

  1. The June Brides: A January Moon
    First new June Brides recording since 1986. It was an accident, but a happy one…
    Produced by Andy Fonda

  2. The June Brides: Cloud
    Recorded originally for the Granite Shore album, only it sounded like the beginnings of a June Brides song. So we took it over…
    Produced by Nick Halliwell

  3. Phil Wilson: I Own It (Andy Fonda Beans remix)
    A radical remix of the last Phil Wilson single by Andy Fonda, who also releases solo work under the name "Some Beans"

  4. Phil Wilson: What Time Can Do
    Previously unavailable on CD, the "B" side of the last Phil Wilson single.

  5. The Granite Shore: Flood of Fortune
    Andy, Arash and I contributed to this single released on Occultation in June 2010.
    Produced by Nick Halliwell

  6. Phil Wilson and Laura Turley: Every Conversation
    An acoustic duet I recorded with Laura Turley, who sings beautifully with the band Mozura.

  7. Phil Wilson: This Town
    8: Phil Wilson: Sunday To Saturday
    A couple of tries at recording solo. I like doing cover versions, so thought I'd cover some of my own songs for a change…

  8. Phil Wilson: A January Moon
    Solo home demo...

  9. The June Brides: A Choral Cloud
    The song sounded great in a stripped down version, so why the heck not release it?!
    Produced by Nick Halliwell


Only available with The June Brides' A January Moon 7" single.

A co-release with Occultation Recordings in the UK. Please support your local indie label.

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