Creep The Creeps

Kids On A Crime Spree

Creep The Creeps

SLR 192 » released April 2013

» $5.50
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1. Creep The Creeps
2. New Ex-Boyfriend

Kids On A Crime Spree's Mario Hernandez has long been obsessed with the ideas and the sounds of classic 60s pop. With previous bands Ciao Bella and From Bubblegum To Sky he's crafted a discography that mixes 70s power-pop, bubblegum, Brill Building classicism and Spectorian sonic overload to stunning effect. What consistently sets his projects apart is the quality of the song-writing and arranging, and the sheer originality of the tunes. Kids On A Crime Spree sees Mario joined by pals and long-time collaborators Becky Barron and Bill Evans, and have they hit upon something special.

KOACS's 2011 debut EP "We Love You So Bad" set out their stall with eight nuggets of pure pop excellence, blending 60s pop chops with Ramones-y energy and drive, and a taste for noise. The tunes are brief and uncluttered, distilling 50 years of pop history into a completely focused, modern sound. The new single "Creep The Creeps" has been a staple of the group's live set for a while now, and we're excited to finally have it on vinyl. It's punchy, handclap-driven power-pop of the very highest order, with a driving dance beat courtesy of Ms Barron. It's accompanied by an excellent video that reinforces the band's love of AM radio and pop history. "New Ex-Boyfriend" on the flip adds some minor-key drama and echoed surf guitar leads to the mix. It's a heady combination, and points to new directions for exploration.


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