Ordinary Girls

English Singles

Ordinary Girls

SLR 191 » released May 2013

» $5.50
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1. Ordinary Girls
2. Bitter End
3. Rain

English Singles are a staple of Sacramento, CA's excellent DIY pop/punk scene. Featuring members of local legends The Bananas, Nar and Bright Ideas, English Singles mine a rich tradition of DIY pop that stretches from Swell Maps and The Television Personalities through to The McTells and The Sea Lions. Scratchy and home-made (but NOT lo-fi!), English Singles take pop back to the basics of catchy tunes, urgent guitars and sing-along choruses. Their live shows are frenetic and impassioned, with lead Single Scott Miller often seen wading into the crowd for some quality face-time with the fans.

Following up two fine singles on Slumberland and Squirmy, English Singles are back with this excellent three song EP. "Ordinary Girls" is a fine mid-tempo tune with a stick-in-your-head vocal melody and ace 12-string guitar leads. "Bitter End" is one of the band's earliest songs and live favorite, full of jittery guitars and rough-and-ready drums. The EP is rounded out by "Rain," a perfect slice of power-pop that clocks in at a brisk 1:53 but doesn't sacrifice anything in terms of energy, melody or excitement.


Comes in a rather dashing sleeve that combines offset and silkscreen printing.

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