We Are Made Of The Same Wood


We Are Made Of The Same Wood

SLR 48 » released January 1996

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1. Twisted Love 7. Bring Me The Hair of Phil Oakey
2. Superhip 8. Vitamin B
3. You're Breaking His Heart 9. Michael
4. Area 51 Revisited 10. In Love With These Times
5. Finger Pie 11. Your Dark Secrets
6. Post Modernist Retro Bullshit 12. Serious Teeth

Boyracer are one of those bands who just simply "got it." They understood instinctively that great modern pop needs to bring noise to the table, that the old rules don't necessarily apply, that punk was more than just a funny set of clothes and that independence means just that, in every respect. Stewie and friends blazed their unique path for over twenty years, recording like maniacs and touring anywhere a stage, a few beers and a floor to sleep on were on offer.

Their pop songs have hooks that most bands would kill for, and the 'racer would run through them in a minute flat, leaving you gasping, wondering how they could play so fast with so much melody, and how in the world they could keep coming up with new ones. Like their friends The Wedding Present they let the guitars do the talking, blending sometimes ear-shredding noise into their often delicate tunes. Boyracer have a lo-fi band's love of experimentalism, but never at the expense of the listener.

This EP was the last by the mid-90s line-up featuring Stew, Matty, Nicola and Ged. Its twelve tunes will have you jumping around your living room and pulling out all your other 'Racer records.


The 10" vinyl was co-released with A Turntable Friend. It's on minty green vinyl with a bonus flexi of Boyracer covering OMD's "Electricity."

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