Broken Toy

Veronica Falls

Broken Toy

SLR 199 » released October 2013

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1. Broken Toy
2. If You Still Want Me (Bedroom Demo)

With their second album Waiting For Something to Happen, London quartet Veronica Falls progressed remarkably from the ramshackle charm of their critically lauded eponymous debut to create something sleeker, more polished but no less poignant and affecting, packing an emotional punch even as the choruses and hooks were more infectious and addictive.

The band has been nothing but busy since the album's release in February, touring the US and Europe several times, releasing two singles and wrapping up the summer with a series of festival appearances. Also on the horizon is a UK with Bleached and another set of US dates, to be announced. In keeping with our penchant for perfect pop, we're now releasing one of the album's highlights, "Broken Toy," as a limited edition 7" vinyl single. It's the kind of song that singles were invented for -- driving and catchy, an ideal distillation of what makes Veronica Falls such an exciting young band. It's timeless and, dare we say, classic. On the b-side we'e included an exclusive demo version of the moody "If You Still Want Me."

"Yet in the hands of Veronica Falls the familiar approach sounds both innocent and strategic; there's eagerness in the way the whole band attacks every note, while the tiniest acceleration in tempo feels like a headlong rush, especially as the voices converge. In songs about getting swept up by infatuation the music sounds like a suddenly shared, irresistible impulse." - New York Times

"Veronica Falls matches every dark emotion with a patch of sunlight; sinister guitar riffs, ghostly reverb, and morose lyrics are offset by feel-good hooks, sweet harmonies, and surf-pop pep." - The New Yorker

"While both Veronica Falls albums make pleasant listening, and the details are well-crafted, what came across Wednesday was robust and bristling, underpinned with an urgency that is hard to find on the albums. For a band that is obviously record-collection obsessed, that was a major achievement." - Washington Post

"There's a clarity of texture-- a specificity even-- to every element of the band's sound. Which makes it something of an anomaly: shoegaze that looks you square in the eye."  Pitchfork


Available through Bella Union outside of the US and Canada; please support your local indie label.

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