The Saturday People/The Clientele split

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The Saturday People/The Clientele split

SLR 63 » released July 2001

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. The Saturday People
2. The Clientele

Cementing a friendship that began with some gigs played together in 2000, these two great pop bands team-up on Slumberland for a fine summertime split single. On the a-side, the Saturday People give is an alternate version of "Grace" from their upcoming self-titled album. Featuring members of The Ropers, Tree Fort Angst, Velocity Girl and Whorl, the 'People are a veritable DC pop supergroup, steeped in the twin influences of 60s folk-pop and 80s indie-pop. "Grace" is a moody stormer, and the Saturday People album is a stone cold gas.

The Clientele contribute an exclusive early version of "Porcelain" on the aa-side. The band's been getting a lot of attention lately for their limited singles and spare Felt/Galaxie 500 influenced sound. Their series of albums on Merge has quite rightly turned a lot of people on, and this cut is a prime slice of early-period Clientele magic.

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