Aloha Hola

D.A. Stern

Aloha Hola

SLR 232 » released March 2018

» $9.00
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1. Am I Ever On Your Mind? 7. When I Said You Were Right I Was Wrong
2. Bluedgenes 8. Spirit Of New York
3. Giving Up 9. Miami
4. In Pain 10. Sports Moment
5. Diggin' For Something 11. Rising Suns
6. Home And Dry  

D.A. Stern, the solo project of David Aaron Stern, is the musical amalgamation of crossword puzzle obsession, backgammon playing, and working as a recording engineer at Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's (aka MCA) studio. Stern's laid back, tongue-in-cheek lyrics effortlessly complement his dreamy pop rock arrangements of dense guitars and swirling organs. The music of D.A. Stern, who is more inspired by filmmakers Albert Brooks and Mel Brooks than any songwriter, could be compared to contemporaries Deerhunter, Real Estate, and Yo La Tengo but with the timelessness of Paul Westerberg or the classicist bent of Harry Nilsson.

A few years ago, someone lost in the wild of suburban New Jersey would have noticed Stern's Subaru with a NILSSON vanity plate parked in the driveway of a quaint kosher house, stumbled inside, and witnessed David and his mom, Annette, drinking red wine, cracking filthy jokes, and watching the New York Yankees in the afternoon. By nightfall, however, D.A. would toil away in the basement, recording what would become his debut album, "Aloha Hola."

A move to LA found Stern steps away from Dodgers Stadium, spending nights at The Comedy Store, and releasing "Aloha Hola" in early 2017. "Aloha Hola" is an assured set of classic pop songs that flirt with folk-pop, power-pop and indiepop while remaining comfortable outside of easy genre categorization. Stern's songwriting talent is in ample evidence on earworm singles like "Am I Ever On Your Mind?" and "Bluedgenes," packed with smart lyrics, chiming guitars and indelible hooks.

Impose Magazine revered the record as "some of the most criminally overlooked power-pop imaginable that is worthy of being an essential part of your collection of audio anthems & gems." After completing a 2017 west coast tour and shows with Luna and Cherry Glazerr, Stern will be playing more shows and releasing new music in 2018.


Vinyl LP is the original (but never released) 2 Syllable pressing, with tasteful SLR stickers applied and download card included.

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