All The Things

Odd Hope

All The Things

SLR 246 » released April 2020

» $7.00
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1. All The Things
2. What's Your Part Of It?

Odd Hope is the home recording project of Tim Tinderholt. Literally holed-up in his Oakland garage with worn copies of 'Alien Lane's & 'Chairs Missing,' he kills time recording on the classic, archaic Bay Area-favorite recording device the Tascam 388. Tim has experimented with various jangle/punk bands for years and now with Odd Hope he's venturing from the garage to share his sharp DIY pop with the world.

Following a well-received single and LP on the excellent Fruits & Flowers label, Odd Hope are now releasing this ace single as part of our Slumberland Records SLR30 Singles Series. "All The Things" evokes early Television Personalities punch, filtered through a Ray Davies-style croon and leavened with a distinct bit of Flying Nun flavor. It's perfect pop, accomplishing more in its brisk two minutes than a lot of songs can manage in twice the time. On the other side we find "What's Your Part Of It?" -- a jangly rocker with cutting melodies and a measured lyricism that further marks Odd Hope as a project to keep a close eye (and ears) on.


This is the black vinyl version; the color vinyl was available only as part of the SLR30 Singles Series.

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