Moral Panics

Peel Dream Magazine

Moral Panics

SLR 256 » released December 2020

12" vinyl
» $15.00
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1. New Culture 5. Life At The Movies
2. Verfremdungseffekt 6. Geodesic Dome (VINYL ONLY)
3. Dialectrics 7. The Furthest Nearby Place
4. Through You (VINYL ONLY) 8. Clean Water (demo)

nice color

NYC's Peel Dream Magazine dazzled listeners with their recent release "Agitprop Alterna," a smart album that draws from a wide set of post-punk, shoegaze and indiepop influences but still has an assured, unique sound. Now they're following up with "Moral Panics," a companion EP that features unreleased songs from the "Agitprop Alterna" sessions. Far from being outtakes, these are all songs that stand strong on their own, and gathered together function as a useful corollary to the album.

The EP's title comes from Stanley Cohen's "Folk Devils and Moral Panics," a pivotal study of the media treatment of the mod movement and the poltical, societal and cultural faultlines that the media panic embodied -- it's a reference that's quite revealing about some of the ideas behind Peel Dream. Songs like "New Culture," "Verfremdungseffekt" and "Life At The Movies" continue PDM's investigations into those frought areas where art, culture and commerce meet, and the EP as a whole comprises a crucial piece of the Peel Dream discography.


Second pressing on pale orange vinyl. A co-release with our friends at Tough Love Records - if you live in Europe please order from them. Please note that "Through You" and "Geodesic Dome" are only on the vinyl release.

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