Cool Chick #59

The Earthmen

Cool Chick #59

SLR 29 » released May 1993

» $3.00

1. Cool Chick #59
2. Momentum (Pebble Mix)

The Earthmen had this quintessentially Australian talent for blending hooks with loud guitars, for rocking their pop without losing the tune. Taking tips from disparate souls like The Beatles, Chapterhouse, Dinosaur Jr and Crazy Horse, The Earthmen had shedloads of super tunes, a charismatic hearthrob of a lead singer in Scott Stevens and a winning way with feedback-drenched guitar mayhem.

These two songs are alternate versions from their early singles and first album on Summershine, and they're stunning slabs of pop squall.


All copies on black vinyl; the white vinyl version is sold out.

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