Radio France Sessions EP

St. Christopher

Radio France Sessions EP

SLR 19 » released November 1993

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. Cathedral High
2. Stab
3. Here Comes The Past
4. A Man Bewitched

Once a mainstay of Sarah Records, St Christopher always impressed us with their well-crafted pop tunes, sounding so classic but not immediately retro in a "spot the influence" way. The spare, heavily-reverbed productions sounded rich without being slick, with Glenn's crooning vocals were just perfect on top. There's something otherwordly and uncompromising about those early St Christopher records, drawing from pop's past but still being so defiantly anti-rock about it.

We love this four song EP recorded live in the studio for French radio. It's immediate, a little raw and nicely foregrounds the great songs. Terry Banks from Tree Fort Angst/The Saturday People was playing guitar in the band at the time and his strum adds a nice swing to the proceedings. Quality stuff for sure.

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