Punk Rock City USA


Punk Rock City USA

SLR 18 » released May 1993

» $3.00

1. Punk Rock City USA
2. Like A Girl Jesus

Over-flowing with enthusiasm and energy, Sleepyhead were a staple on the NYC indie scene in the early 90s. Playing pop with power trio abandon they slotted in nicely with bands like Small Factory and Yo La Tengo, while also rocking a little harder than either of those groups. "Punk Rock City USA" is actually not on the album of the same name and is one of their most frantic moments, guitar riffing wildly and drums tumbling over themselves. Exhilirating. Game Theory's "Like A Girl Jesus" is covered beautifully on the flip, shimmering guitars winding around Rachel's delicate vocals.


Limited edition copies pressed on swirly orange vinyl; now SOLD OUT.

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