Rose Melberg / Magpies

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Rose Melberg / Magpies

WISH 3 » released July 1994

formats » 7" flexi
status » out-of-print

1. Rose Melberg
2. Magpies
I Want A Love I Can See

Rose Melberg has always been one of our favorite songwriters, performers and people. From Tiger Trap to The Softies and Go Sailor we've been proud to have partnered with her over the years and shared in her musical journey. This flexi came out during the years between Tiger Trap and The Softies and shows Rose in subdued solo style, strumming her way through Sam Cooke's "Cupid" in fine style. It's a great song and a lovely interpretation.

The Magpies were a short-lived Bay Area group featuring Ma and Pa Slumber whose only recorded output is the song on this flexi and two songs on the vinyl edition of the Why Popstars Can't Dance compilation. Their cover of The Temptations' "I Want A Love I Can See" (written by all-time hero Smokey Robinson) is a feedback-drenched stroll with more than a passing resemblance to Black Tambourine.


All copies come in hand-colored sleeves designed by Adrian Tomine.

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