Open Your Eyes

Bright Coloured Lights

Open Your Eyes

SLR 27 » released October 2000

» $3.00

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Leave You Behind
3. Count The Raindrops

Originally recorded in 1992, this single was a follow-up project to Black Tambourine helmed by BT singer Pam and guitarist Mike. Cut short by Mike's move to California, they were nonetheless able to pick up where Black Tambourine left off and complete a few songs, including a cover of "Leave You Behind" by the immortal Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes. The sound will be familiar to fans of the 'Tambourine - fuzz-drenched pop with a definite 60s bent and a dark, sombre atmosphere.

Since there was no "real" band to play live or record, Pam and Mike rounded up some special friends to help them for these recordings: Stephen and Matt from Lorelei and Stephen's mate Geordie on drums. The Lorelei guys both played bass on the record -- Matt playing standard electric bass and Stephen filling in the sound on bowed and plucked acoustic stand-up bass. The result is a dense, swirling sound that nicely complements Mike's heavily-layered guitars. "Count The Raindrops" in particular benefits from the extra bass track, with with deep bowed bass thrums anchoring the minimal main guitar line and the spazzed-out feedback tracks.


These songs were originally released by German label A Turntable Friend in a "semi-official" edition, but accept no substitutes. Our edition is from higher quality tapes and features better mixes.

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