Mind Revolution


Mind Revolution

DRYL 3 » released March 1990

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. Mind Revolution
2. Stupid Shit

Whorl started in 1987 as Big Jesus Trash Can, driven by a love for The Birthday Party, early Sonic Youth and the Jesus & Mary Chain to pick up guitars and make a noise of their own. Starting with no musical background whatsoever the results were often improvised noise jams, using basic Stooges-style riffs as jumping off points into sonic mayhem. Live shows followed, in basements and small clubs filled with baffled noise-loving folk. The noise jams gradually coalesced into repeatable songs and the idea of documenting themselves arose.

Seeing the name Wharton Tiers listed as producer on the back of some favorite Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore LPs, Big Jesus followed their mates Powderburns up to NYC to try their hand at making a record. The result was this chunk of minimal nastiness. Having no studio experience they didn't really know that they could overdub guitars so the sound is lean and spare. Pummelling and single-minded, this single neatly encapsulates one side of the early Slumberland sound.


Numbered edition of 800 copies, with the first 100 on red vinyl.

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