Why Popstars Can't Dance

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Why Popstars Can't Dance

SLR 31 » released October 1994

formats » CD
status » out-of-print

1. HoneyBunch
Walking Into Walls
13. The Ropers
Blue Sunday
2. HoneyBunch
Time Trials
14. The Ropers
3. The Artisans
Start Again
15. Linda Smith
The Real Miss Charlotte
4. The Artisans
16. Linda Smith
There's Nothing You Can Do About It
5. Rocketship
You And Your New Boyfriend
17. Glo-Worm
Stars Above
6. Rocketship
Like A Dream
18. Glo-Worm
7. The Steamkings
Darkest Star
19. Jupiter Sun
Headlight Beam Reaction
8. The Steamkings
Sad About You
20. Jupiter Sun
Violet Intertwine
9. Stereolab
John Cage Bubblegum
21. Jane Pow
10. Stereolab
Eloge d'Eros
22. Boyracer
Right Back Where I Started
11. Lorelei
Stop What You're Doing
23. Boyracer
12. Lorelei
Float My Bed

The double-vinyl edition of this album has a substantially different track listing.

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