Asleep EP


Asleep EP

SLR 32 » released October 1993

formats » CD EP
status » out-of-print

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1. Mostly I Sleep
2. The Sky Is Falling
3. Caterwaul
4. Stale Houses

Practically coming from a different planet than the first Lorelei single, the Asleep EP clearly showed that the new line-up (Matt from Lilys in, Jina, Dave and Peter out, Davis over to drums) had other things on their minds. Blending the dubwise dynamics of PiL and Moonshake with the dark tension of early Cure, Lorelei forged a unique, powerful sound that challenged without alienating.

This single was the first fruit of the Lorelei reconfiguration and it's an absolute corker. "Mostly I Sleep" is a pop epic that just builds and builds towards its stop/start coda. "The Sky Is Falling," "Caterwaul" and "Stale Houses" were all exclusive to this ep.

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