The Lodger


SLR 71 » released June 2007

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1. Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion 8. Let Her Go
2. Kicking Sand 9. Watching
3. Getting Special 10. Unsatisfied
4. You Got Me Wrong 11. The Story's Over
5. A Free Period 12. Not So Fast
6. Simply Left Behind 13. Bye Bye
7. My Advice Is On Loan 14. Let's Make A Pact

We don't know if it's something in the water or what, but England is fairly bursting with exciting guitar pop bands right now, and The Lodger are amongst the brightest hopes. Taking their cues from fellow northerners The Smiths and The Wedding Present, The Lodger's music is classic melodic pop, fueled by sparkling hooks and plangent lyrics. The tunes are sharp and timeless, a thoroughly modern distillation of great Britpop from the 60s right up to today.

After forming the band in 2004, 2005 was a blur of raptly-received singles, line-up changes and rave reviews. Looking to consolidate on this success in 2006, leader Ben Siddall along with Joe Margetts (bass) and Katie James (drums) decamped to Alan Smyth's tiny little Sheffield recording studio to record songs for their debut album. Thirteen tracks were recorded in a week in September 2006 -- with the addition of "Getting Special" the result is Grown-Ups.

Weighing in at a generous fourteen songs, Grown-Ups handily delivered on the promise of those great singles and then some, stacking up as one of the finest pop debut albums of recent years. From the summertime sing-along of "Kicking Sand" to the horn-driven classicism of "Let Her Go" and the perfect gem that is "Unsatisfied," Grown-Ups is a perfect introduction to the thrilling pop charms of The Lodger: packed with distinctive, effortlessly catchy pop tunes that burst with enthusiasm and demand to be heard.

Some kind words for Grown-Ups

"Full of glittering gems, Grown-Ups is proof that the best things come in small packages. You won't hear a better album this year, we promise you that." - This Is Fake DIY

"A promising debut indeed, and worth the wait - it's definitely time to treat yourself to a good Lodgering." - Playlouder

"Grown-Ups is an album full of classy indie-pop numbers set against wistful and occasionally biting lyrical content. With this release The Lodger certainly aren't going to be moving out anytime soon. (4/5)" - Leeds Music Scene

"The beauty of this debut is how well it works as an album - if the singles have passed you by, take forty minutes out of your life to let The Lodger lament in their understated, but magnificent, way. (4.5/5)" - Clickmusic

"A very complete and accomplished album that should be an inspiration to all those who are truly operating in the world of independent releases. Buy this. (4/5)" - Manchestermusic

"it's such a pleasure to sit down with an album that delivers such a wealth of intelligence and emotional luxury with such economical precision. (9/10)" - Whisperin & Hollerin


Note: This CD is also out in the UK on Angular, in Germany/Austria/Switzerland on Noise Deluxe and in Japan on fabtone. The vinyl LP was only available on Slumberland; it is now out-of-print.

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