Joe's Record


Joe's Record

SLR 72 » released October 2007

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1. Joe's Record
2. The Linguist
3. Through With Humour

Formed in 2003 by Crayola, Sarandon had 1 rehearsal before playing their first show and recording their debut 7 track EP, "The Miniest Album." The record grabbed some good reviews and a bunch of radio play, including being playlisted on to the first "Peel Show" after John Peel's death (RIP). 2004 saw the release of another 7 track ep, "The Big Flame," which led to 2005's "The Feminist Third."

A 2005 BBC session for Rob Da Bank's ONEmusic show was quickly followed by a fourth 7 track ep, "The June Bride," featuring guest appearances from Phil Wilson (The June Brides) and Alan Brown (Big Flame, Great Leap Forward, A Witness). Production work was once again handled with aplomb by Ant Chapman, noted for work with Bis, Spearmint and The Klaxxons.

In late 2006 all four EPs were collected onto a single album entitled The Completist's Library (Wrath Records, UK / HHBTM, USA) and the good reviews and radio play kept coming. And for good reason - Sarandon offer a perfect picture of how to make relevant post-punk in the 21st century. Short, sharp tunes are pared down to their most essential elements -- a riff, a melody, a smart lyric. Never overstaying their welcome, Sarandon dispense with the unnecessary to focus on communication, bringing to mind the concision of groups like Wire, Big Flame, The Wolfhounds and Josef K. Yes, it's pop, but a biting and restless brand that recalls the diverse musical re-imaginings that were a signal feature of the first wave of post-punk DIY experimentalists.

Now its 2007. The group now consists of Crayola, Stephen Gilchrist (Graham Coxon, Charlotte Hatherley, The Fuses) on drums and Alan Brown on bass. This new ep, "Joe's Record" is a tribute to ex bass player Joe and features a guest appearance on Hammond Organ from Scritti Politti's Rhodri Marsden. It is Sarandon's first release on Slumberland. Could this label be Sarandon's natural home? The band certainly think so, and we do too.

What's been said about Sarandon

"Britain's finest scratchy, abrasive indie-pop trio (circa C86, and not the Bob Stanley/Alan McGee twee/jangly/crap side of that comp either): formed in late 2003, listen to Wolfhounds, Bogshed, June Brides, Josef K, Big Flame, Shrubs, A Witness... "and they sound like none of the above," boasts the press release. Ridiculous! They sound exactly like all the above, and that's why I fucking love them so." — Everett True, Plan B

"Sarandon aren't interested in the crap that surrounds a good song, but the key ingredients behind it. That's why each one of these songs is an irresistible blast of jangling, clattering post-punk. No waiting around for the chorus here. Thee whole song is a chorus." — Sandman

"an undeniable low-key genius." — The Wire

"Sarandon make Arctic Monkeys and Bromheads Jacket and their like sound positively radio fodder." — Artrocker

"Sarandon are awesome, like Big Flame fronted by Billy Childish." — Go Magazine

"Pretty much essential." — Unpopular


Limited to 600 copies on pink vinyl.

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