Searching For The Now 2

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Searching For The Now 2

SLR 76 » released February 2008

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

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1. Bye!
Oh No, Baby Don't
2. The Happy Couple
Song For The Troubadour (Acoustic Version)

Bye! - "Oh No, Baby Don't"

Bye! is the nom de twang of DC pop stalwart Archie Moore. With previous experience in bands like Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, The Saturday People and The Heartworms, Archie's reputation as a pop-master of the highest order is well-established. Bye! is a rotating assembly of members of the above-mentioned groups and other heavy friends.

"Oh No, Baby Don't" began life in 1999 as a tune by then-band Walker System and has been tinkered with ever since. The final version you hear here includes backing vocals from Black Tambourine legend Pam Berry and musical muscle from Archie, Will Eastman, Deanna Pineda and John Dugan. It's a marvelous slice of Spectorian power-pop, showing Archie's love of classic perfect pop from the 1960s to the present. Look for more Bye! music soon!

The Happy Couple - "Song For The Troubadour (Acoustic Version)"

Founded 2001 in Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany as DJ outfit. Moved to Hamburg in 2003/03, started their own record label Félicité Singles Club and released singles by Simon Fisher Turner AKA The King of Luxembourg, Roy Moller and The Catalysts.

The Happy Couple released their debut EP (The Four Seasons EP) on Félicité in October 2003. 2005 and 2006 saw the release of a single, another EP, and a compilation album on the Japanese Quince label. The Happy Couple crafted a distinctive sound that blends the jangly perfection of groups like The Orchids and The Field Mice with the classic songwriting of an artist like Saint Etienne.

"Song For The Troubadour (Acoustic Version)" is an alternate version of a tune taken from the last Happy Couple 7" single. It's a sad stroll down a rainy, moonlit street and a fitting postscript to a brief but quite special musical career.


Limited to 600 copies on blue & white splatter vinyl. Beautiful!

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