Oron Nasa EP


Oron Nasa EP

SLR 73 » released March 2008

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

1. Bodybuilder 5. Svenssonliv
2. Snacka Gär Ju 6. Kola a Stalar
3. Va e Poängen? 7. Jävlar Igen
4. Sicken Skit  

Difficult to pronounce, even in the native Swedish tongue, LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN is the collaborative effort of Stewart Anderson (instruments- Boyracer etc) and Martin Cannert (vocals -The Faintest Ideas). Drawing deeply on Martin's impeccable knowledge of Swedish punk and hardcore and Stewart's insatiable thirst for the DIY punk pop adventure, this 7 song EP was recorded though the post during the Summer of 2007 and stands as a tribute to brilliant first wave of Swedish early 80s hardcore.

The songs come at you at 100 mph; 7 songs in 8 minutes, hardcore DIY punk, tight and taut, with loads of energy, racing tempos and treble-blast guitar. An already anticipated release by those in the know, this is a furious blast of real punk and way beyond an exercise in nostalgia. Act fast, these will not last long!


Limited to 300 numbered copies, split between 4 labels: 555 (USA), Promenade (Swe), Slumberland (USA) and Yellow Mica (Swe).

The Slumberland version has five different sleeve colors: orange, red, yellow, lime green and purple.

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