Searching For The Now 3

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Searching For The Now 3

SLR 81 » released June 2008

formats » 7"
status » out-of-print

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1. A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Sometimes I Think About You
2. The Sunny Street
Pottery & Glass

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - "Sometimes I Think About You"

A Sunny Day in Glasgow began as a bedroom project of Ben Daniels and his sisters Robin & Lauren. They released their first EP The Sunniest Day Ever in March 2006 which provided them early acclaim and paved the way for their debut full length Scribble Mural Comic Journal on Notenuf Records. Coming on like Aphex Twin covering Cocteau Twins, SMCJ's brilliant blend of dense guitar/electronic noise, sampled rhythms and ethereal pop garnered rave reviews around the world and thrilled music fans with its unique take on the shoegaze template.

"Sometimes I Think About You" is a striking re-think of a classic tune from Scots pop legends The Pastels, and points to a very interesting 2008 for A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

The Sunny Street - "Pottery & Glass"

The Sunny Street is a pop duo based in London, but comprised of two quite talented French folks: Remi and Delphine, both of whom are also in Electroph├â┬Ânvintage. Taking their musical cues from such touchstones as New Order, Felt, Brighter and Trembling Blue Stars, they started The Sunny Street in 2006 after moving to London. Their sound is captivating and melancholic, capturing the fragile and haunting feelings that go along with love and life.

Their 2007 album They Hurt You Everyday on Sweden's Lavender label is a real treat, a gentle swoon of acoustic guitars and the most hushed of vocals, wrapped around tunes that really stick in the head. It's one of our favorites from last year and we hope only the beginning for this pair.

"Pottery & Glass" is previously unreleased and an excellent introduction to the sublime charms of The Sunny Street.


Strictly limited to 600 copies on white vinyl in a letterpress sleeve. Spiffy!

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