It's Time!

Cause Co-Motion!

It's Time!

SLR 87 » released October 2008

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1. Only Fades Away 8. Don't You Know?
2. Baby Don't Do It 9. Say What You Feel
3. This Just Won't Last 10. When Will It Finally End?
4. This Time Next Year 11. Who's Gonna Care?
5. Take A Look 12. I Lie Awake
6. Which Way Is Up? 13. You Don't Say
7. Falling Again 14. Cry For Attention

Take A Look

Cause Co-Motion! have spent the last three years releasing a series of increasingly rad singles on What's Yr Rupture?, Cape Shok, Can't Cope and finally Slumberland. Their sound is a blazing chaos of jangle, clatter, and thump - busted strings and broken hearts. Hummable tunes to scratch that TVPs/Pastels/Comet Gain itch, with more than a dash of 14 Iced Bears and Desperate Bicycles in there too. Using reverb as a weapon, Cause Co-Motion! have honed their hyperactive sound into a formidable DIY pop lexicon. Dig their new language.

It's Time!

We're very happy to bring you It's Time!, a compilation of these fine singles. The fourteen songs race by in barely over twenty minutes, the compressed rush of melody, tunes and crash-bang energy perfectly mirroring the hormonal frenzy of adolescence and young adulthood. The eagerness to COMMUNICATE, if only for two minutes at a time. Classics like "This Time Next Year" and "Take A Look" have become mixtape staples, and are joined by more recent missives like "Say What You Feel" and "Cry For Attention" in the canon of crash-pop.

When Will It Finally End?

Why should it? Cause Co-Motion! have built up a rabid following playing way too many shows to count the last six years, with bands like Love Is All, Vivian Girls, Tyvek, Japanther, The Apples In Stereo, Crystal Stilts and many others. They've been championed in places like Brooklyn Vegan, Dusted, Pitchfork and pretty much every place that savvy music fans trade notes about the newest singles. It's Time! is a neat summation of the history of Cause Co-Motion! so far, a blast of pure pop energy and DIY sincerity for these all-too-knowing and ironic times. We challenge you to listen to tunes like "Baby Don't Do It" and "Who's Gonna Care?" and not get up and dance, clap your hands and sing along at the top of your lungs. Go ahead, nobody is watching. We won't tell.


Tracks 12,13 and 14 are from the I Lie Awake 7" EP.

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