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various artists "Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy "Astonishing Adventures" Comic/Split EP"

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Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy "Astonishing Adventures" Comic/Split EP

various artists Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy "Astonishing Adventures" Comic/Split EP 7"

The Joanna Gruesome/Perfect Pussy mutual admiration society had an emergency meeting and this split single was the result. Each band does one original song and one cover, and the single comes with a super cool 24-page comic by renowned artist Phil McAndrew. It's a fantastic package, the bands' styles complementing each other perfectly. A brilliant racket, and a fun read.

Joanna Gruesome "Weird Sister"

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Weird Sister

Joanna Gruesome Weird Sister LP/CD

We're excited to announce the release of the debut album by thrilling Cardiff-based noisepop five-piece Joanna Gruesome. Brimming with irresistible pop melodies and spiked with dissonant fuzzy jangle, their songs are shot through with loud discordant feedback and super-fast, hardcore punk drumbeats. Kicking against sexism and homophobia, nothing is off-limits, drawing inspiration from DIY scenes such as Riot Grrrl/noisepop/C86/K Records as well as post-hardcore like Drive Like Jehu/Converge and the art rock of The Velvet Underground, Swirlies and My Bloody Valentine.

The Mantles "Memory"

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The Mantles Memory 7"

The Bay Area's garage-pop greats The Mantles are back with their first new recordings since Long Enough To Leave and a tweaked line-up featuring the swirling keyboards of Carly Putnam and the rock-solid bass of Matt Bullimore. Memory is an upbeat song that recalls some of the finest of the Paisley Underground bands. Buoyed by Justin's twangy lead guitar and Carly's organ, "Memory" boasts the kind of easy lope and indelible melody that The Mantles make seem so effortless. On the flip we have "Undelivered," a rootsy tune whose psychedelic keyboards and moody demeanor align it firmly with the best of New Zealand's Flying Nun label.

Allo Darlin' "We Come From The Same Place"

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We Come From The Same Place

Allo Darlin' We Come From The Same Place LP/CD

Slumberland is very proud to partner with Allo Darlin' to release their eagerly awaited new album We Come From the Same Place. The third full-length recording from the much loved Anglo-Australian four-piece is made up of smart, beautiful pop music, with lyrics that resonate with experience and melodies that chime, echo and soar. The album combines the eagerness, urgency and immediacy of their 2010 self-titled debut with the contemplation, sophistication and ambition of their 2012 follow-up Europe, and yet it goes beyond either both sonically and in the song-writing.

The June Brides "She Seems Quite Free"

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She Seems Quite Free

The June Brides She Seems Quite Free 7"

English pop legends The June Brides are back with their second single since re-forming back in 2011. The June Brides are true indie innovators, whose classic 80s records influenced everyone from The Smith/Morrissey to The Wedding Present and Belle & Sebastian. Smart, punk-influenced pop is the order of the day, bristling with jangly guitars, marvelous melodies and top-notch song-writing.

Literature "Chorus"

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Literature Chorus LP/CD

Sparkling, classic indie-pop from a great young Philadelphia band that will sit comfortably next to your Orange Juice, Close Lobsters and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart records. The tunes on "Chorus" are timeless, immediate and well-crafted, each song exploding with energy, clever lyrics and brilliant instrumental detail. Every song on here could be a single; it's that stacked.

Terry Malts "Insides EP"

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Insides EP

Terry Malts Insides EP 7"

Since 2010 and over 2 albums and a slew of singles and tapes, Terry Malts have been exploring the murky area where hope meets disgust, an area populated with anger, hatred, exhaustion, delusion, seclusion, consumption, life, death, breathing, eating and a host of other conflicting and confusing ideas. Their records to date have a been a refreshing blast of catchy punk, pop-influenced but also chaotic, noisy, shredding. Now Terry Malts are releasing their first new material in almost a year. The Insides EP might be their most "pop" record yet, but don't let that make you believe that they've given up on the blazing, verge-of-feedback guitars or pummeling rhythms.

The Proper Ornaments "Wooden Head"

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Wooden Head

The Proper Ornaments Wooden Head LP/CD

Slumberland Records is pleased to bring you the debut album from London-based neo-psychedelic pop group The Proper Ornaments. Mining the rich territories between The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, Wooden Head features fourteen thrillingly taut and melodic pop songs with a deep undercurrent. Taking inspiration from Berlin-era Lou Reed, Jesus and Mary Chain's Darklands, The Television Personalities and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, the songs are breezy and easy on the ear, with sublime harmonies and chiming Byrdsian guitar, but with a darker twist and a pervasive air of melancholy.

The Aislers Set "The Last Match"

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The Last Match

The Aislers Set The Last Match LP/CD

Where The Aislers' debut Terrible Things Happen's synthesis of 60s mod-pop, 70s punk and 80s/90s indie flavors provided an end-of-the-century summation of where pop had been and where it was heading, 2000's The Last Match upped the ante even farther. More ambitious in conception, The Last Match expanded the band's sound into more orchestral areas. While the songs are still driving and catchy as a fish hook, the arrangements are far more sophisticated. It's a must-listen album, one that fueled fond memories, sparked love affairs, set off spontaneous dance parties, and reminded us all of the power of song-craft and melodies and POP. New color vinyl/CD reissues available now!

The Aislers Set "Terrible Things Happen"

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Terrible Things Happen

The Aislers Set Terrible Things Happen LP/CD

The Aislers Set began as a vehicle for the songs of Linton, who had most recently co-led San Francisco's legendary Henry's Dress and drummed in Go Sailor with her pal Rose Melberg; this is their debut album from 1998. Not content to merely (!) write some of the most sublime pop tunes this side of Ray Davies, Linton got busy in her garage studio and recorded and produced almost the whole record by herself. It's a remarkable feat, and a love for such producers as Phil Spector and Brian Wilson shines from each and every groove. It's a beautiful, multi-layered record and a genuinely great achievement of home recording. New color vinyl/CD reissues available now!

Withered Hand "New Gods"

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New Gods

Withered Hand New Gods LP/CD/Ltd Edition LP

The long-awaited second album from this respected Edinburgh artist. Produced by Tony Doogan (Mountain Goats, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, The Pastels) and featuring a stellar array of guests including members of Belle & Sebastian, Frightened Rabbit, Black Tambourine and The Vaselines, New Gods is a brilliant and impassioned piece of songwriting and arranging. Calling it "folk" or "pop" really only tells part of the story -- Withered Hand's music is beautiful, melodic, honest and beyond easy categorization.

Tony Molina "Dissed And Dismissed"

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Dissed And Dismissed

Tony Molina Dissed And Dismissed LP/CD

Breathless, lightning-quick power-pop songs that feature some of the best tunes we've heard in ages. Taking his cues from Thin Lizzy, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Dinosaur Jr and Guided By Voices, Tony has an unerring grasp on what makes great pop work, and these twelve songs (including an ace GBV cover) could all be lost 70s radio hits, albeit ones filtered through a love of punk and hardcore. Brevity is the name of the game here - most songs run under one minute and yet don't skimp at all on melody or self-deprecating humor. Awesome.


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