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Evans The Death

Vanilla LP/CD (FPOP 197)
1. Haunted Wheelchair .. 2. Suitcase Jimmy .. 3. No Imitations .. 4. Hey! Buddy .. 5. Cable St. Blues .. 6. Disowner .. 7. Hot Sauce .. 8. Armchair Theatre .. 9. Welcome to Usk .. 10. European Bison

London five-piece Evans the Death return with Vanilla, their most ambitious and experimental album to date, eschewing the more traditional pop structures and hooks of their first two albums, 2012's self-titled debut and 2015's critically acclaimed Expect Delays. While Expect Delays was a step towards something more interesting, more collaborative, experimental and abrasive - a bleak, introspective kind of album that still retained a pop sensibility - Vanilla sees the band veer in an ever more adventurous direction: more aggressive, extroverted and raw. A dark, howling, ragged storm of an album, impossible to categorise, Vanilla is anything but - a far cry from the bland, unimaginative music that pervades the airwaves. It is a brittle, brilliant new chapter in the story of a band who never fail to surprise.


This is a distributed Fortuna Pop! title.

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Hard Left

Economy 7"/cassette (FPR 004)
1. Economy .. 2. In A Crowd .. 3. Hoxton Market Forces .. 4. The Oxford Voice .. 5. What's That Sound (tape only) .. 6. Safety (tape only) .. 7. Ghost of Princes In Towers (tape only)

Oakland's socialist punks are back with this new 4 song 7" EP entitled "Economy." On the A-side we have the super-tough title track, a modish and Marxist shout from the terraces. Kicked off by a sharp riff and Comrade M's mad cackle, "In A Crowd" is also a nod to the band's mod influences. It's a call to arms wrapped up in an incendiary, thrilling punk tune: a simply electric 85 seconds. On the flip the band collaborates with noted ranting poet Tim Wells. "Hoxton Market Forces," taken from Wells' latest book "Everything Crash," is a pin-sharp indictment of urban gentrification set to a roiling pop-art explosion of a tune. The EP wraps up with Wells reciting DH Lawrence's "The Oxford Voice" over a handclap-fueled glam stomper. Pure magic, and an excellent example of why Wells and Hard Left sought each other out. The tape version includes 3 songs from the band's two lathe cut singles. On Future Perfect.

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Hard Left

We Are Hard Left LP/CD (FPR 003)
1. New Year .. 2. Hard Left Rules OK .. 3. Chant No. 1 .. 4. Hand In Hand .. 5. Future Perfect .. 6. Stay True .. 7. Exhortation No. 1 .. 8. Kicking It Off .. 9. Safety .. 10. Red Flag .. 11. Chant No. 2 .. 12. Holiday .. 13. Imagination .. 14. We’re All Hard Left

Debut LP from Oakland's HARD LEFT. Classic-sounding '77 style punk with echoes of glam and hard mod, reference points might be SEX PISTOLS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, GENERATION X and NEWTOWN NEUROTICS. While there's also an Oi flavor here these guys and ladies are far from being yobbos; what sets Hard Left apart are their utopian leftist politics and the sheer quality of the tunes. Every song here is a shout-along anthem, the playing is loose without being sloppy, and the production is loud and dynamic. A ripper from start to finish. On Future Perfect.

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various artists

Nail House Party CD (ER 15)

Emotional Response are quickly asserting themselves as purveyors of good taste in all that is current and tasty in indie and punk. This 20 band compilation is no exception, highlighting the ongoing quality associated with the label. Vibrant sounds from around the globe. Featuring:- BAD DADDIES (California), GINNELS (IRELAND), TANGIBLE EXCITEMENT! (AUS/USA, featuring members of Gold-Bears and Summer Cats), KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE (Oakland), THE WANDA JUNES (Tuscon), LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN (SWE/UK), VICTORIAN SLANG (Tuscon), HULABOY (UK/USA), MIA SCHOEN (AUS), HARD LEFT (Oakland), CANNANES (AUS), BRIGHT LIGHTS (Brooklyn), FRAU (London, UK), AMERICAN CULTURE (Denver), BAD GUYS (Portland), THE DEBUTANTES (IRELAND), GRRR! (AUS), THE HOW (UK/US), THE SAFE DISTANCE (UK/US), ROOIBUS ORBISON (New York featuring Rob Christiansen, Eggs/Sisterhood Of Convoluted Thinkers etc). COLOUR VINYL, LIMITED 500, WITH DOWNLOAD. More info and streaming here.

Sea Lions/Golden Grrrls tour split EP image
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various artists

Sea Lions/Golden Grrrls tour split EP 7" (SSR 016)
1. On And Off .. 2. Nervous Breakdown .. 3. Billy .. 4. I Don't Want You Anyway

Limited to 600. Pro printed sleeves with hand-stamped labels and sleeves, artwork by Lorna Gilfedder... split release with Static Shock, with Download code. Slumberland group Sea Lions came over to the UK for the first time in July 2012 to play Indietracks and embarked on a tour with UK group Golden Grrrls. To commemorate the occasion they released a limited tour 7" which now sees a world wide release. Both bands contributed an original song and a cover version. Sea Lions take apart 'Nervous Breakdown' by Black Flag, turning it into a shamble-core nugget of shrill guitar versus Adrian Pillado's laconic vocal delivery and contributed 'On and Off' - as close to an anthem as Sea Lions get. Golden Grrrls tackle 'I Don't Want You Anyway' by kiwi group Look Blue Go Purple, remaining fairly faithful to the original with some added punk nrg, while their original is a garage pop bullet in the form of 'Billy,' which sees Ruari MacLean take lead vocal to counter the female backing. 4 songs as good as any you're going to hear this year. (LISTEN)


A Night School/Static Shock co-release.

Hidden For Decades image
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The Sunny Street

Hidden For Decades CD (PLAST 019)
1. Into A Poem .. 2. Penguin Pool .. 3. Insull .. 4. All The Way .. 5. Everywhere .. 6. 0.19 .. 7. After The Rain .. 8. The Forerunner .. 9. College .. 10. Povera .. 11. 0.38 .. 12. Memorial

Gorgeous, melancholic pop in the lineage of New Order and Trembling Blue Stars. Ten lovely songs (and two interludes) that bring to mind rain-streaked streets and black-and-white movies. (LISTEN)

Romantic Comedy (JPN Edition) image
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Big Troubles

Romantic Comedy (JPN Edition) CD (ARTPL 020)
1. She Smiles For Pictures .. 2. Misery .. 3. Make It Worse .. 4. Sad Girls .. 5. You'll Be Laughing .. 6. Minor Keys .. 7. Softer Than Science .. 8. Time Bomb .. 9. Engine .. 10. Never Mine .. 11. Main Sequence (Demo) .. 12. Sappy (Demo) .. 13. Space Trash (Demo)

Japanese CD edition on the great Plancha label. Comes in a really sharp gatefold mini-LP jacket and includes 3 exclusive bonus tracks.