SLR 88 » released May 2009

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1. Bayonets 7. A Terrible Souvenir
2. Flowers of Deceit 8. Turn U Over
3. Footsteps 9. 6th Form Poet
4. Plots Are For Cemetaries 10. On The Omnibuses
5. The Spoilsport's Retort 11. Sleepwalk To Me
6. Looting Takes The Want Out Of Waiting 12. The Waltzers

The symbiotic relationship between Glasgow and an indefinable, distinct breed of extraordinary pop is a subject of limitless fascination. Virtually from the moment the legendary Orange Juice transformed the once barren Scottish metropolis into a wellspring of tuneful, literate, joyous music, special new bands have continued to flow from its environs. From the early-'80s explosion that begat Altered Images, The Pastels and many others, to latter-day heirs such as Teenage Fanclub, Belle & Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand, the city is as synonymous with the abstract notion of 'indie' as Detroit is with the Motown sound or New York with early punk.

And now, with the release of their self-titled debut album, Bricolage rightfully take their place as part of Glasgow's peerless pop lineage.

Bricolage — Graham Wann, Wallace Meek, Darren Cameron, and Colin Kearney — formed in late 2005, united by their love of Postcard Records' evergreen "Sound of Young Scotland" and similarly iconoclastic post-punk heroes including Vic Godard and Fire Engines. In less than two years, the band released three 7-inch singles and toured solidly, sharing stages with the likes of the above-mentioned Godard, a reunited Fire Engines, Franz Ferdinand, even the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Bricolage, the album, is the realization of those singles' huge promise. Produced with sparkling economy by former Altered Images guitarist Stephen Lironi, its dozen tracks are the product of its influences, but also a path beyond them. From the swooning romanticism of "Plots are for Cemeteries," to the lovesick giddiness of "Turn You Over," to the Northern Soul-style stomp of "The Waltzers," this is pop full of melody, verve and wit — for a modern world that is about to discover how badly it needed it. Bricolage may be a new strand in Glasgow's ongoing musical history, but for Bricolage themselves, this is where their own stunning history truly begins being written.

people like Bricolage...

"They're the most exciting post-Franz band, with wit, style and memorable tunes, and are an awesome live act." - SoundsXP

"This is easily the fizziest C86 edged pop to bubble by for a while, with spiky Vic Godardesque tunes and vocal harmonies to lose yourself in and get your toes tingling." -

"..possesses a refreshing air of vitality that actually sounds like the artists have made an effort to write a catchy tune rather than simply bludgeon the listener to death under a halo of white noise." - Drowned In Sound


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