Sarandon's Age of Reason


Sarandon's Age of Reason

SLR 131 » released March 2011

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1. Theme From The Age of Reason 11. The Big Question
2. Big Trev Speaks 12. Dinosaur
3. Big Trev 13. Meeting A Girl
4. The Grumbling Begins 14. Piglet
5. Musn't Grumble 15. Hatching The Plot
6. Feeling Happier 16. Mackenzie
7. Perky (Part 1) 17. The Pay Off
8. Perky (Part 2) 18. The Age of Reason
9. Down The Discotheque 19. Return To The Theme From The Age of Reason
10. Do The Dance  

Sarandon return to the fray with nothing other than a concept album. Flying the flag for Prog Rock? Maybe. Still annoyed by Twee Pop? Definitely.

Sarandon's Age Of Reason tells the story of Big Trev, a man frustrated with his lot and determined to change his life. The album is narrated by The Shend (The Cravats, The Very Things) who plays the voice of the story's hero.

Musically Sarandon have moved their sound forward — Produced once again by the inimitable Anthony Chapman (Collapsed Lung, Bis, Klaxxons, Ten Benson), the sound is a more mature take on the angular agit-pop of their previous outings. The cheese-wire treble of the guitars remains, the bass thuds and booms and the drums clatter at light speed, but the songs contained in Sarandon's Age Of Reason are more carefully crafted and arranged. There are songs to make you shout and songs to make you sing. There are even songs to make you dance.

Sarandon are back with a vengeance. Back to rescue you all from the mundanity of modern la-la-love-you indie pop.

Other guests on the album include Robert Lloyd (The Nightingales) and Rhodri Marsden (Scritti Politti).

Sarandon are currently:

Crayola (Colgates, Future Sperm Brasil): Guitar & Voice

Alan Brown (bIG fLAME, The Great Leap Forward): Bass & Voice

Tom Greenhalgh (World Sanguine Report): Drums & Voice


A co-release with Odd Box Records in Europe; please support your local indie label.

Vinyl LP is pressed on lovely purple vinyl and comes with a download code. LP and CD some with nifty Sarandon beer mat while supplied last.

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