Each Day


Each Day

SLR 278 » released July 2023

» $9.00
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1. Each Day
2. What The Echoes Say
3. Tilt In Your Eye

Over the course of two well-received albums and numerous singles and compilation appearances, Jeanines have captured the ears of discerning listeners with a sound that recalls a diverse swathe of pop history, from 60s folk-pop and girl-group tunes to 80s DIY pop to solid gold 90s touchstones like The Aislers Set, The Cat's Miaow and the post-Black Tambourine bands of Pam Berry.

Now they're back with their first new tunes since 2022's "Don't Wait For A Sign" and the hits just keep on coming. "Each Day" is moody jangler that delivers melodic and emotional heft that belies its brief 1:43 length. Destined for 1,000 indiepop mixtapes, it's exactly the kind of song that the 7" was invented for. "What The Echoes Say" is a strummy delight, showcasing Alicia Jeanine's lovely vocal harmonies to maximum effect. "Tilt In Your Eye" wraps up this ace single -- it was Jeanines' contribution to Where It's At Is Where You Are's ace 2019 compilation "The Moon And Back" and appears here on vinyl for the first time.


A co-release with our friends at Where It's At Is Where You Are (Europe). Please support your local indie label.

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