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current podcast:

I Smiled Yesterday #1 » posted Mar 02, 2008

by I Smiled Yesterday

I Smiled Yesterday is a trans-Atlantic tag team on a MISSION to make you smile again like you smiled yesterday!

I Smiled Yesterday takes a NORTHERN SOUL sucker punch to the heart and dances the pain away!

I Smiled Yesterday plays its PUNK ROCK crushes down phonelines to its friends!

I Smiled Yesterday wants to hear what makes YOUR heart beat faster so leave yr comments!

  1. Dionne Warwick "I Smiled Yesterday" ("Make Way For...", Sequel Records)

  2. Bobby 'Blue' Bland "Shoes" ("6Ts Rhythm 'N' Soul Society: In the Beginning", Kent Records)

  3. The Young Brothers "What's Your Game?" ("The Renfro Soul Story", Kent Records)

  4. Comet Gain "Hate Soul" ("Tigertown Pictures", Kill Rock Stars Records)

  5. The Embrooks "If You Let Me Go" (7", Records)

  6. Revolving Paint Dream "Green Sea Blue" ("Flowers In The Sky", Rev-ola Records)

  7. Adrienne Posta "Something Beautiful" ("Decca Originals: Northern Soul Scene", Decca Records)

  8. Taking Pictures "Fallen Angel" (7", Fortuna Pop Records)

  9. The Neon Boys "Love Comes In Spurts (Preliminary Version) ("Spurts: The Richard Hell Story", Rhino Records)

  10. Times New Viking "Allegory Gets Me Hard" ("Presents The Paisley Reich", Siltbreeze Records)

  11. Shocking Pinks "Victims" ("Shocking Pinks", DFA Records)

  12. Henry's Dress "Sunshine Proves All Wrongness" ("Bust 'Em Green", Slumberland Records)

  13. The General Assembly "Sensitive Mind" ("Northern Soul Fever Vol. 4", Goldmine Soul Supply)

  14. Dave Berry "Picture Me Gone" ("Decca Originals: Northern Soul Scene", Decca Records)

  15. The Orchids "Oo-Chang-A-Lang" ("Decca Originals: The Girls Soul Scene", Decca Records)

  16. Fabienne Delsol "Le Roi Des Fourmis" ("Between You And Me", Damaged Goods Records)

  17. Mika Miko "Capricorination" ("C.Y.S.L.a.B.F", Kill Rock Stars Records)

  18. Skinned Teen "Punk Rock Romance" (b-side 7", Soul Static Sound Records)

  19. Big Flame "Man Of Few Syllables" ("Rigour", Drag City Records)

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