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How To Be Hip » posted Oct 08, 2007

by Crayola

none of us were born as fully formed indie kings and queens. when we were 13 we were turned on by madonna/iron maiden/frankie goes to hollywood (delete as applicable). no haircuts, no posters, no limited editions - here's a bunch of records that it's still cool to like.

  1. DNE - Around
  2. Age of Chance - Crash Conscious
  3. The Bats - Made Up In Blue
  4. Dawson - Bearsden to Baghdad (Via The Erskine Bridge)
  5. W.H.I.N.E. - Snorkel
  6. The Incredible String Band - Mercy, I Cry City
  7. Swell Maps - Armadillo
  8. Coffee - Pool of Love
  9. Irving Klaw Trio - Counting Mothers
  10. Ye Ascoyne d'Ascoynes - Just The Biggest Thing
  11. Stitched-Back Foot Airman - Wouldn't You Like To Know
  12. The Keatons - Lightwood
  13. The Cannanes - I Think The Weather's Affected Your Brain
  14. Bald Mermaid - Wet Hand
  15. Reggaematix - Love & Romance

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