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So Hard To Beat » posted Nov 30, 2008

by Teenage Kicks

Teenage Kicks is a monthly P!O!P party held in San Francisco by el Guapo and DJ In The Manner of a Leprechaun (who you might remember from his earlier Slumberland podcast). We love all kinds of pop music, from '60s pop to '70s bubblegum, early punk and post-punk, and of course indie pop from the '80s through to the present day. We thought we'd share some of that love with you and do something we don't normally get to do in a club setting, namely go head to head trading off songs; we hope you like it. We play 100% vinyl and are always digging for new P!O!P gems. If you're ever in the SF Bay Area on the second Friday of the month, we hope to see you at The Attic, 2333 24th Street at Mission, where we'll be playing some fine pop songs from 10pm-2am!

  1. The Members - Solitary Confinement (Virgin, UK)

  2. The Scientists - Frantic Romantic (DNA, AU)

  3. The Hummingbirds - Hindsight (Phantom, AU)

  4. Sneaky Feelings - Trouble with Kay (Flying Nun, NZ)

  5. The Cosmopolitans - How to Keep Your Husband Happy (Albion, US)

  6. Plastic Bertrand - Super Cool (Vogue Disques, FR)

  7. The Brilliant Corners - Brian Rix (SS20, UK)

  8. Laugh - Paul McCartney (Remorse, UK)

  9. PF Sloan - Halloween Mary (Dunhill, US)

  10. The British Road Runners - Do Something to Me (Laurie, US)

  11. The Yellow Balloon - Yellow Balloon (Canterbury, US)

  12. The Easybeats - The Music Goes Around My Head (Parlophone, AU)

  13. The Raspberries - I Wanna Be With You (Capitol, US)

  14. The Neighborhoods - No Place like Home (Ace of Hearts, US)

  15. Dave Parasite - You're Gonna Be Mine (American Pop Project, US)

  16. The Jasmine Minks - World's No Place (Creation, UK)

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