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Listed! » posted Sep 16, 2008

by Cause Co-Motion!

Cause Co-Motion! are not just a great band, they're also music fans and record collectors of the first order. If you need any evidence, have a look at Dusted's September 10th edition of Listed, featuring ten picks by the band. We liked the selection so much we asked them to knock together a little podcast for us to soundtrack the feature. So here it is, ten gems from Cause Co-Motion! to you. And don't forget, their I Lie Awake single is out now.

  1. Candy Jo Tyler - "Mr. Tambourine Man" (7", Laurie) - A way upbeat version of "The Tambourine Man." Handclaps, xylophone, stops and starts, along with Candy’s low-range singing. It’s the most unexpected take on this song I’ve heard, and pretty great. (Arno)

  2. The Tights - "Cracked" (7", Cherry Red) - I think this song is stuck in my head most of the time. A perfectly poppy punk song with a really cool raw guitar sound that’s all but drowned out by the plodding bassline, inexplicably high in the mix. This band was from Worcester, England, and I’m from Worcester, Mass. (Alex)

  3. Swamp Dogg - "Do You Believe" (Rat On LP, Elektra) - The thing is that even though the music on this record is actually pretty great, the cover is what kills me – Swamp Dogg looking off somewhere beyond the camera, his dolorous expression belied by his triumphantly raised arms, while riding on top of a disproportionately large smiling white rat with bright pink eyes. I would say that this record is great for animal lovers and music lovers alike. (Liam)

  4. Ola & The Janglers - "Eeny Meeny Miney Moe" (7", London) - WHAT exactly is this, besides the uppest song around? A wild platter of nonsense rhymes, bubblegum soul and monster momentum from a gaggle of silly Swedes with a fair share of substandard material under their belt. One of several records they had out in 1967 - are any of the others as amazing? Not the few I’ve heard, but check out the great flip on this one for an added pinch of The Association in the mix or their 1968 "What A Way To Die" for a ripoff of - and improvement on - "Whiter Shade Of Pale." Lots more digging still to be done here! (Jock)

  5. Happy Mondays - "Tart Tart" (Squirrel & G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile LP, Factory)

  6. Tommy James & The Shondells - "Crystal Blue Persuasion" (7", Roulette) - An American "Waterloo Sunset." (Arno)

  7. The Clique - "Superman" (7", White Whale) - "Sugar" is a Tommy James cover and the hit for the Clique, but the hit for me is definitely the flip. "If you go a million miles away, I’ll track you down, girl." This part of the song always makes me think of Wreckless Eric’s "Whole Wide World." They both have that thump thump thump. (Arno)

  8. The Tammys - "Egyptian Shumba" - The wildest girl-group song I’ve ever heard. Non-stop crazy lyrics, screams, monkey sounds and orgasmic yelps. A real ‘I’m-scared-but-I-like-it’ appeal. "I’m gonna make that dream come real / I’m gonna dance the way I feel." Totally bonkers. (Alex)

  9. The Summer Hits - "California Summer" (Small-Fi) - The Summer Hits were around from 1992 to 1996 with a diminished return in 1999. Back at the turn of the century I liked to say they were the best band of the ‘90s, especially after the other frontrunner - Comet Gain - ended up disqualifying themselves by becoming an even better band of the 00’s. The Summer Hits were always a little confusing. I bought each single in a frantic haze as it magically appeared in the racks, and to this day my gut understanding of their discography is based on the order I found them, which is completely the wrong way round. It didn’t help that there was no readily available information floating around, or that their 1996 compilation CD on X-mas Records presented the songs out of order and (but thankfully) included a couple of unexplained tracks that were, as far as I know, never released elsewhere. When the first germs of Cause Co-Motion! were being cultivated in the 4-track and we were starting to think about getting a real band going, I had a wild dream that I heard our as-yet unrecorded record played some sunny afternoon on WZBC and that it sounded kind of like "Jackanory Stories" played by The Summer Hits... So that’s what I was going for at first, anyway. (Jock)

  10. Dwizz - "Salt Peppa Ketchup & Hot Sauce" - This kid is like 16 years old and the songs he makes are called things like "That Feels So Good (Feat. Donald Duck)," and then the song actually uses a vocal sample of Donald Duck. He says he makes "party music" and that’s pretty cool. The remix of his "Salt Peppa Ketchup & Hotsauce" (!) by "DJ Diamond Kuts" (!!) makes me feel like an alien that hasn’t even learned what music is. A lot of the dances that they yell about I haven’t learned how to do yet, but I’m gonna. (Liam)

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