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I Smiled Yesterday #3 » posted Jun 08, 2008

by I Smiled Yesterday

Summertime is for CLAPPING along with yr fave songs!

Summertime is for SUPPORTING yr fave labels!

Summertime is for SEEING yr fave bands LIVE!

Summertime is for CREATING yr OWN culture!



xoxox Team ISY

  1. Shirley Ellis "The Clapping Song" ("The Complete Congress Recordings", Congress Records)

  2. The Starlets "You Don't Love Me" ("Girls Go Zonk!!", RPM Records)

  3. Antoine et Les Problemes "Si C'est La Nuit" ("Antoine Rencontre Les Problemes", Magic Records)

  4. Sic Alps "Speeds" ("The Soft Tour in Rough Form", MtStMtn Records)

  5. Let's Wrestle "I Won't Lie To You" ("In Loving Memory Of", Stolen Recordings)

  6. Les Aspirateurs "On Y Go" (7", Felicite Records)

  7. Baby Lemonade "Secret Goldfish (demo)" ("45 rpm", Egg Records)

  8. South Ambulance "Die 5times times5" ("s/t", Labrador Records)

  9. The Bodines "Paradise" ("Creation Soup", Creation Records)

  10. Vivian Girls "Wild Eyes" (7", Plays With Dolls Records)

  11. Skywave "It's In Your Eyes" ("Echodrone", Cherry Coated Records)

  12. Cheap Time "Spoiled Brat" (7", Sweet Rot Records)

  13. The Delmonas "I Feel Alright" ("Do The Uncle Willy", Get Hip Records)

  14. Grow Up "Joanne" (7", Object Music)

  15. The Lovettes "Little Miss Soul" ("Big In Wigan", Kent Records)

  16. The Triumphs "I'm Coming To Your Rescue" ("Okeh, A Northern Soul Obsession", Kent Records)

  17. Third Tuesday "Third Time Under" ("Girl Crazy", Goldmine Soul Supply)

  18. Mr. Lucky and The Gamblers "I Told You Once Before" ("Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 1", Big Beat Records)

  19. Pussycat Trash "Mock Style Examinations" ("The Brat Years 1992-1995", Kill Rock Stars Records)

  20. Forbidden Tigers "Forbidden Tigers" ("Magnetic Problem", Deadbeat Records)

  21. So Cow "Government Complex" ("These Truly are End Times", Covert Bear Records)

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