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I Smiled Yesterday #5 » posted Nov 02, 2008

by I Smiled Yesterday

Things we LOVE!
Shopping in record stores on a lazy Sunday afternoon!
Writing to a record label half a world away!
Showing-up to support our favo(u)rite bands!
Receiving a package from our favo(u)rite mailorders!
This is our music and these are our favo(u)rite tunes of late...(listen) + {enjoy} & [support]!!!

  1. The Dovells "You Can't Sit Down" (7", Parkway)

  2. Charles Lamonte and The Extremes "Got To Keep Moving" (Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Volume 1, Kent)

  3. Buster and Eddie "Can't Be Still" (Northern Monsters, Kent)

  4. The Times "Whatever Happened to Thamesbeat" (This Is London, Artpop)

  5. (The) Nervous Rex "1-2-3-4-5 (Crazy Feeling)" (We're A Garage Band From Modern England, The International Lo-fi Underground/555)

  6. Wild Billy Childish and The MBEs "Back Amongst The Medway Losers" (Thatcher's Children, Damaged Goods)

  7. Thee Almighty Handclaps "Fulltime!" (7", self-release)

  8. The Mutators "Bourgeois Fantasy" (Secret Life lp, Nominal Records)

  9. Tyvek "Frustration Rock" (double 7", What's Your Rupture?)

  10. Que Possum "Listen" (split 7" w/Boyracer, 555)

  11. The Nixe "Scientist" (s/t lp, Polly Maggoo)

  12. Shrag "Intelligent Theft" (s/t, Where It's At Is Where You Are)

  13. The Coastliners "Alright" (Never Ever Land, Charly)

  14. The Flowers "Got To Get To Know You" (Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Volume 3, Kent)

  15. The Mauds "Seachin'" (Oh Yeah! Best of Dunwich, Sundazed)

  16. Jean and the Statesides "Putty In Your Hands" (Dream Babes Volume 2: Reflections, RPM)

  17. Davie Jones and The Lower Third "I Can't Help Thinking About Me" (Doin' The Mod Volume 4, Castle)

  18. The Young Untold "Chicken In A Basket" (s/t cdep, Yellow Mica Recordings)

  19. The Rippers "Little Girl You'll Be Mine" (7", Shake Your Ass Records)

  20. The Manhattan Love Suicides "Detroit Diesel" (Clusterfuck 7", Squirrel)

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